Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma Meet NITI Aayog members At Secretariat

Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma Meet NITI Aayog members At Secretariat


 Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma inaugurated the Centre for the Study of Complex Malaria in India (CSCMI) Malaria Research Laboratory and Master of Public Health Programme at the Indian Institute of Public Health (IIPH), Shillong on Wednesday. Also present for the inauguration was Minister, Health & Family Welfare, AL Hek.

Addressing the gathering, Sangma said that malaria has been a cause of concern and has affected all to a great extent though the incidence and mortality rate of the disease has reduced in the State in the last few years. “However times are changing and the environment is also changing, thus giving rise to many and new vector borne diseases and institutes like these will be a natural expansion to other vector borne diseases and allow the government and policy makers to make the right decisions and be prepared to react to outbreaks,” he added.

Operational since 2010, the CSCMI is a US National Institutes of Health-funded International Center of Excellence in Malaria Research, and a partnership between researchers at New York University and scientists and clinicians in India, under the leadership of Professor Jane Carlton. The overall goal of the CSCMI is to develop the knowledge, tools, and evidence-based strategies needed to support Indian malaria intervention and control programs, and to build research capacity in India.

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